This railing mixes things up by playing the Jaws theme as you run your hand over it.


A four bed bunk that every child wants


Concrete retaining wall.


YES, this does meet International Building (residential) Code requirements for a handrail and guardrail application.   Photograph – Alex Hayden


A discovery worth keeping.


Soda blasted reclaimed structural wood columns, mild steel legs.   Photograph – Alex Hayden

Selfie Wall

Stacked wood wall reclaims history of the timber industry in the area. Peekaboo logo pig beyond.


“That’s a Big Ass Fan®…” Returning to the scene of the crime, Jeff has continued to work on this unique single family residence which he designed and built during his tenure as an associate with another locally based firm. The large slow moving fan removes the need for air conditioning in this energy efficient home by […]


Working together with Seattle City Light and the Seattle Parks Department, babienko architects designed a photovoltaic panel installation as a picnic shelter for the Seattle Children’s Playgarden (SCP). The design intent of the picnic shelter is to educate the public on the benefits of solar power generation while providing an accessible shade spot to get out […]

Floor Inlay

Breathing new life into a hidden wood floor inlay which we discovered when we pulled back the layers on top.   Photograph – Alex Hayden