cloudburst on shilshole


Cloudburst on Shilshole

Conceived as a hidden spot off the beaten path, Cloudburst on Shilshole is designed to draw beer lovers off the street and invite them to investigate what’s going on in the brewery and taproom.

The main building entrance and taproom are tucked away from the street and are not immediately apparent. Patrons enter from the street into an unassuming yet lively beer garden that is outfitted with a food truck and outdoor bar. It is through the covered outdoor seating area that the entrance to the taproom is discovered and the open, airy indoor space is revealed. Even further exploration into the depths of the building reveals a peek into the brewing space. An unassuming mix of materials and finishes gives the converted auto mechanic shop a comfortable setting to disappear into while enjoying Cloudburst’s award-winning beer. Photographs-Moris Moreno