Crockett’s Public House

“I am sure people are ready for this.”

– Owner, on the missing mirror between the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

Crockett’s Public House is the second location of a successful Puyallup, WA eatery. babienko was asked to incorporate the character of the original establishment in the new Maple Valley, WA location while elevating the existing brand. A simple material palette is dominated by exposed plywood walls & ceilings, stained concrete floors, and blackened steel windows. Each built-in booth is unique in its configuration, with a variety of widths, heights, and alignments, and offers a distinctive vantage point of the restaurant. Custom-designed wall-mounted lighting by babienko allow for the fixtures to swing to accommodate a range of possible table and chair seating arrangements. The wood stack wall anchors the general seating area, hides the restrooms, and showcases Crockett’s logo. 

Photographs-Moris Moreno