crockett’s public house


Crockett’s Public House

“I’m sure people are ready for this,”


– owner, referring to the missing mirror between the men’s and women’s bathrooms.


Crockett’s Public House, located in Maple Valley, WA, is the second establishment of a successful eatery originally based in Puyallup, WA. Babienko was tasked with incorporating the original establishment’s character while enhancing the existing brand. The design features a simple material palette, with prominent elements such as exposed plywood walls and ceilings, stained concrete floors, and blackened steel windows.


Each built-in booth in the restaurant is uniquely configured, offering varying widths, heights, and alignments to provide a distinct perspective for patrons. Babienko also designed custom wall-mounted lighting fixtures that can be swung to accommodate different table and chair arrangements. The wood stack wall serves as an anchor for the general seating area, conceals the restrooms, and prominently displays Crockett’s logo.


Photographs – Moris Moreno.