jeff babienko

Jeff is an award winning architect who has practiced architecture in Seattle since 2001 and founded bARC / babienko ARCHITECTS pllc in 2010. Working as an associate and principal architect with two previous firms in the greater Seattle area, Jeff has completed multiple projects throughout Seattle WA, Vancouver, BC and the Pacific Northwest.  Prior to moving to Seattle, Jeff has worked in New York with 11OO Architect, where he worked on and completed several residences, retail and commercial spaces, including the notable Irish Hunger Memorial in Battery Park City.

Throughout his training and practice, Jeff has worked toward a refined, site-specific architecture that captures the spirit of mid-century modernism and translates traditional sensibilities of harmony, composition and precision into a contemporary context. His designs demonstrate a rigorous logic which stems from the underlying belief that architectural challenges are best solved practically and efficiently.

Beginning with his initial training in the Prairie school of design twenty years ago, Jeff has embraced sustainable design and building practices and made them a driving factor in the development of all of his projects. Jeff believes buildings should nest into the landscape and utilize passive and active strategies to reduce energy needs.