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Originally from Australia, Temyka joins Babienko ARCHITECTS after spending most of her life traveling and being inspired by architecture and cultures abroad. Temyka has a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Architecture and spent part of her studies in Europe fueling her passion and creativity and allowing her to adopt a unique flexible approach to design thinking.

As a highly motivated and ambitious person, Temyka is always looking for opportunities to increase her knowledge in design and is currently undertaking further studies in Interior Design. Her primary passion lies within passive, biophilic and sustainable design and how we as architects can reduce environmental impact in our work but still create timeless and bespoke design solutions catered to individuals. Designing a building that is healthy for its inhabitants and the environment as well as being suited to its context is a core value for Temyka. She believes that architecture should enhance and excite us as humans, inspire us, and work with the landscape in which it sits.

When she’s not working, Temyka can be found soaking in inspiration on beachfront walks, hiking and exploring her new home in the Pacific Northwest. You might even catch her dabbling in her side hobby as an oenophile.


Master of Architecture, University of New South Wales (MArch, UNSW)
Bachelor of Design Architecture, Deakin University (BArch, DU)

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