babienko architects brings a unique value to every project we undertake. We are an enthusiastic team grounded in our philosophy to create inviting buildings that are a pleasure to work, live, learn, and play in. We have a proven history of contributing to the community through excellence in design and we delight in the story each project has to tell. We strive to capture the spirit of our clients and community and enhance the wonder of learning and living in our designs.

To us, a beautiful building succeeds if it speaks to us with meaning, connects us with a story, and contributes to a positive experience. We believe that buildings that originate from thoughtful design, whether modest or bold, make good neighbours. Attentive building design considers the impacts on the existing surroundings and how a new building footprint can influence ecosystems and climate change as a whole.

babienko architects has been recognized locally for our experience in building construction and innovative building technologies. We endeavour to select construction methods, systems, and finishes for each project that best suit our clients’ needs and project goals.

We recognize from experience that budget and value extend beyond the construction site and should be considered in respect to the overall operating costs. As designers, we are also attentive to other issues that affect the true cost of a building such as energy performance, durability, and overall maintenance.

We believe in possibility and thrive in the optimism that all projects, big or small, high-end or very modest, have the potential to be exceptional. We dream big alongside our clients and search for ambitious and inventive ways to bring these ideas to reality.