lost lake


Lost Lake

“… Looks great! It is like the 5 Point had a kid with someone way more attractive.” –Dow Constantine, King County Executive


Referencing Mid Century Modern design ideas that should never be forgotten, the design for the café and lounge grew from the concept of putting a bright and lively 24 hour diner back to back with a dark and seductive bar. The refinement of a simple space includes a natural progression between public and private spaces from front to back and side to side. Wood slat screens create separation without fully dividing the space.


The connection to the outside is unimpeded in the diner and it remains bright and airy as daylight is able to penetrate and reflect all the way through. In the bar, connection to the outdoors is intentionally limited and daylight restricted. A large undulating soffit reduces the scale of the space and enhances the mystique of the bar.


Photographs – Alex Hayden