the valley school outdoor classroom and amphitheater


The Valley School Outdoor Classroom and Amphitheater

The Outdoor Classroom and Amphitheater is conceived as a new signature element for The Valley School, a K-5 Independent School comprised of single-family homes turned into a comprehensive campus. The elevated outdoor classroom serves to provide The Valley School with a unique instruction opportunity situated amongst the canopies of the numerous trees on campus and enhance the school’s pedagogy on environmental learning, awareness and stewardship. The limited deliberate use of color spanning multiple levels and rhythmically-spaced wood verticals on the screens and guardrails embody a playfulness over and through the structure. The elevated classroom gave rise to the amphitheater seating to be used for all school gatherings, performances, and lectures. The existing mature trees were protected and captured within the open-air amphitheater, serving as the stage backdrop. Integrated below the amphitheater is a new storage area and in the area beneath the elevated classroom is a much-needed covered hardscape play surface.